How Much Water is Needed to Grow Bamboo?

How Much Water is Needed to Grow Bamboo?

I live in Hawaii on one of the drier islands and wondered what amount of water would be needed per acre to grow Guadua bamboo and typically speaking other species such as Gigantochloa atter, Phyllostachys pubescens, Dendrocalamus asper, Dendrocalamus giganteus and Bambusa oldhamii?

We are planning to start a bamboo plantation and would appreciate any helpful advise, comments, and or information offered. Our project total space is 100 acres. For example, how much water would be needed to irrigate 1 acre of Bambusa oldhamii planted at 12'x12' spacing or 302 plants per acre per year?



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Guadua bamboo requires an annual precipitation of about 2000-2500 mm. I do not have exact precipitation values for the other species mentioned as we do not grow them on a commercial level. As a general rule though, the most important fact about watering bamboo is not so much the volume but that it happens frequently throughout the year because unlike regular trees, bamboo doesn't like a marked dry season.


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