Become a Guadua Bamboo Distributor

Always dreamed about starting your own bamboo business in America or Europe? Interested to help us sell and promote the world's strongest bamboo? Become a Guadua Bamboo distributor! 

As a producer, exporter and wholesaler of guadua bamboo poles from Colombia, we now offer exclusive partnerships for retailers in Europe and America. Promote and sell our bamboo products and team up with the most trusted bamboo exporter from South America!

What Distributors can expect from Guadua Bamboo

  1. Highest quality, boron treated and dried Guadua products. 
  2. For exclusive Guadua Bamboo distributors we offer special discount pricing to top performing distributors. These discounts take effect from 3 x 40ft container orders on annual basis with even lower pricing for 6 x 40ft containers per year.
  3. Our website currently generates over 2,500 unique visits per day. Retail inquiries through the website will be directly forwarded to our partnering distributors. Therefore Guadua Bamboo distributors enjoy free geolocalized advertising since we actively help sell your products.
  4. Geographic exclusivity (city, state, or country) is only granted to top performing distributors or can be acquired for a negotiable annual fee (depending on the size of the requested area).
  5. Guadua Bamboo distributors will automatically enjoy price advantages and priority for all products we launch in the near future.

What Guadua Bamboo expects from its Distributors

  1. Have a registered and active company with VAT number and bank account.
  2. Have a physical address and access to a covered storage facility.
  3. Bamboo requires a dry storage area, preferably at room temperature (avoid air conditioning).
  4. Distributors are expected to purchase and import their own stock.  
  5. Distributors are expected to market their own business and products.
  6. Distributors are allowed to set their own retail pricing. 
  7. Guadua Bamboo will reserve the rights to suspend distributors who do not value our quality standards. Bamboo must be handled with care (store bamboo in covered areas, do not store bamboo in direct contact with soil or the outdoor elements, do not drop the poles on the ground from heights which could induce cracking). 

Wholesale Starter Packages 

Experienced retailers usually have a very good idea of the stock they need to purchase in order to serve their clients. For start up retailers, it may be more challenging to determine the content of the first container order. For that reason we composed a starter package which contain a variety of different bamboo products and sizes. 

Our starter packages include a variety of bamboo products which are specially selected according to most popular demand. These wholesale starter packages are created with the goal to facilitate your first order and to create initial stock for your bamboo business or store. Along the way your clients will enquire for specific sizes and products, at this point you will have a better idea on what to order next.

TIP: International shipping rates for 20ft or 40ft containers are very similar, this means that shipping costs will have a high impact on the individual pole price of a 20ft load compared to a 40ft load. The capacity of a 40ft container is also 120% more than that of a 20ft container. Therefore we only offer 40ft container packages!

Guadua 40 ft Starter Package

Product Width (cm) Length (m) Quantity
Poles 6 - 8 6 240
Poles 8 - 10 6 240
Poles 10 - 12 6 240
Poles 12 - 14 6 240
Crushed 30 - 40 4 100

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