Crushed Bamboo Mats

Crushed bamboo mats (also called "esterilla" in Spanish) are boards made from flattened bamboo poles. These mats are used for various applications mainly in the furniture and construction industry as you will see in some of the examples on this page.

Our crushed bamboo is made from Colombian Guadua angustifolia, also known as world's strongest bamboo. The mats are treated against insect infestation, mold and dried to approximately 13% moisture content (lower percentages are possible on special request).

Crushed Bamboo Wholesale Prices

Standard length for flattened bamboo mats for export is 4 meters (13.1ft.). A 40' HQ container can load about 4,320 of such boards. 

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Length (cm) Diameter (cm) Price (US$)
400 30 - 40 Contact us

* Incoterms: Ex Works (Colombia).

* Processing time up to 3 months may apply for large or special orders.

How Crushed Bamboo Mats are Made

Crushed bamboo mats are made by flattening round bamboo poles. It is crucial that fresh cut, green bamboo poles of about 4-6 years old are used since green bamboo is easier to spilt and clean than dried bamboo.

Making crushed bamboo mats

Breaking the nodes of the bamboo with a hatchet is the first step of the flattening process. The second step is to make one vertical incision in the bamboo pole with a spade so all the nodes are completely perforated.

Flattening bamboo poles

Once all the nodes are broken, it is fairly easy to open the bamboo and crush it with a mallet to end up with a flat bamboo panel.

After the bamboo is flattened it is very important to remove the inner white layer and to clean the board. This step is important because the inner layer is extremely attractive for insects.

Flattening bamboo poles

When the bamboo mats are completely cleaned, the next step is to preserve them against future insect attacks and mold. Curing is done by submerging the bamboo in tanks with a mixture of non-toxic preservatives and water for several days.

Finally, after all panels are treated, the drying process can start. Air drying of crushed bamboo takes about 1-2 months.

Drying crushed bamboo mats

What is Crushed Bamboo Used for?

Crushed bamboo can be used for numerous applications. Although it could be used in its normal form, more often than not, certain manipulations such as sanding, shredding, pressing are performed to make it more suitable for its specific end use. Flattened bamboo is also cheaper to transport than round poles, which makes it a very attractive resource for manufacturers of value added bamboo products (flooring, furniture, particle boards, composite beams, etc.) 

Crushed Bamboo Ceiling Panels

Esterilla is frequently used as bamboo ceiling panels in tropical architecture. Staining or painting the bamboo can also add extra color and character to the interior as shown in the example below.

Crushed Bamboo Wall Panels

Esterilla can also be used as bamboo wall covering or cladding, or as an integrated wall support system. Because of Guadua bamboo's strength and flexibility, integrated crushed bamboo wall mats plastered with adobe provide an affordable alternative to drywall or brick.

The combination of bamboo and natural plasters make these walls earthquake resistant, extremely durable yet non-toxic and biodegradable, very effective for sound and temperature insulation, fire retardant and water resistant.

Crushed Bamboo Flooring

Crushed bamboo flooring is another popular application, either is a crude (with nodes) or sanded finish. Obviously the smoother the finish, the more work will be involved. The top layer could be sanded and finished with a polyurethane finish and glued together or to a backing.

Crushed Bamboo Beams

Crushed bamboo beams are an innovative way to produce strong load bearing beams or thick boards. Several flattened bamboo panels are glued and pressed to each other and sawn into specific dimensions. Laboratory test have proven that the mechanical properties of these bamboo beams are astonishing.

Crushed Bamboo Furniture

The picture examples below show a few furniture experiments with flattened bamboo and locally sourced tropical hardwoods. Playing with the direction of the grain gave a pleasant aesthetic effect to the bamboo table top, especially with the darker contrast of the wooden frame. Crushed bamboo furniture also provides a more contemporary look opposed to traditional bamboo log furniture.

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