Free Bamboo PDF Publications

This is a list of free bamboo pdf articles and publications, feel free to start downloading and learning everything about bamboo! If you come across new publications that might be helpful to our visitors, just let us know. You will need Adobe Reader to open these pdf files.


Bamboo Construction


Bamboo as a Building Material

Bamboo is one of the oldest construction materials on the planet, especially popular in the regions where this plant grows in abundance.


Modern Bamboo Architecture

Bamboo has the image of being a building material of the poorer class. However, in Europe this is now starting to change.


Building Bamboo Bridges

Guadua bamboo bridges in Colombia by Jorg Stamm. A report about the construction of these earthquake resistant masterpieces.


Mechanical Properties of Bamboo

Bamboo is an extraordinary product of nature. The hollow internodes make it an extremely light, strong and an elastic building material.


Bamboo Scaffolding Design & Construction Guidelines

These guidelines provide good practices for the design and construction of bamboo scaffolds commonly used in Hong Kong.



Bamboo Cultivation and Biodiversity


Bamboo Propagation (Rhizome based)

Rhizome based propagation is a traditional and most commonly practiced form of bamboo propagation.

Source: NMBA

Bamboo Biodiversity in Africa and the Americas

This study maps nearly 400 individual bamboo species that occur naturally within the forests of Africa, Madagascar and the Americas.

Source: UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Center

Bamboo Biodiversity in the Asia-Pacific Region

This study provides information for planning conservation and management of wild populations of bamboo in the Asia-Pacific region.

Source: UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Center



Bamboo Preservation


Curing Bamboo: Vertical Soak Diffusion

The Vertical Soak Diffusion method is a safe and efficient method to obtain well treated bamboo culms.

Source: Bamboo Central

Bamboo Termite Testing

A report on treated vs. untreated bamboo canes to study the impact of termite attacks after burying bamboo samples for 8 months.

Source: Bamboo Central



Working with Bamboo


Bamboo Connections

This report tries to show, how problems are solved in several examples of different bamboo connections and joints.


Bamboo Charcoal: Training Manual

Bamboo charcoal, is a sort of porous material with excellent adsorption, electromagnetic shielding, and infrared emitting capacity.

Source: BioEnergy Lists: Biochar

Bamboo Paper Production

To produce bamboo paper, the green, outer layer of the stem is peeled off and only the inside is retained for use.

Source: Ethnobotany Research & Applications

How to Make a Bamboo Flute

With this ebook and the bamboo flute making instructions you can be making high quality, musically tuned bamboo flutes in no time!