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Guadua Bamboo is specialized in the largest, strongest and most economically important bamboo of the Americas: Guadua angustifolia. Guadua bamboo is used in all sorts of building applications and is considered to be the strongest bamboo in the world. In South America it is widely used in construction or engineered laminated panels.


Guadua Bamboo Products


As a producer and exporter of top quality Guadua bamboo products around the world for nearly a decade, we have the experience to supply bamboo for small and large-scale projects alike. 

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The Most Competitive Prices


Buy bamboo in bulk from our production facilities in Colombia or order from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Whether you need a small sample or full container loads, you can rest assured that you get the highest quality products at the most competitive prices on the market today.


Where Europe Meets South America


With our main distribution warehouse and offices now located in the Netherlands, we have made an important step to effectively distribute and promote Guadua Bamboo for the European construction market.

In alliance with Bamboo Import, the largest bamboo importer in Europe, we combine nearly two decades of field experience with retail and distribution know-how. 


Innovation and Design


Innovation and design plays a crucial role in making bamboo accessible and acceptable for the European market. This involves finding solutions to common problems, such as universal bamboo joinery systems, prefabricated modular building solutions, and certification of bamboo as a construction material.


Architectural Services


Guadua Bamboo offers exclusive architectural and construction services. From a small bungalow to a luxury resort, and from unique structures for festivals or events to prefabricated solutions. 

In traditional bamboo construction, sacred geometry and biomimicry (imitation of elements of nature) is often used for inspiration in our design process. Contemporary bamboo architecture on the other hand requires a different approach as social context needs to be understood and respected.

With a team of South American and European architects, we have the perfect blend and expertise to design for either tropical or urban settings (whether or not in combination with conventional construction materials).


Bamboo Information


Many blogs and websites publish incorrect or biased information about bamboo. Although mostly well intended, inexperienced bamboo enthusiasts often make the mistake to oversimplify bamboo's growing patterns, biomass generation, strength properties, its uses, etc. Saying that bamboo is stronger than steel, that it will grow over 1 meter per day, and that bamboo has 1500 different uses is misleading.

The truth is that every particular bamboo species has different characteristics and qualities. Some bamboos grow very fast some grow slower, some bamboo shoots are used as a food source while most are actually poisonous, some are used in construction or paper production, while others are just ornamental or to control erosion. Therefore, it is crucial to select the proper species according to your objectives.


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