Growing Bamboo on Denuded Poor Quality Land

Growing Bamboo on Denuded Poor Quality Land

I have read that bamboo can be grown on denuded land of poor quality. Surely this would affect the quality of the crop for sale (furniture or flooring). What is the optimum type of soil? I also wonder why bamboo has not taken off in the rest of the Caribbean? Any ideas?



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Bamboo does grow on almost any type of soil but that doesn't mean it will grow vigorously! Generally speaking loamy and sandy loam soils are best in terms of soil texture as the rhizomes can spread well opposed to clay soils. 

Growing bamboo commercially, requires resources, experience and skill. Furthermore, you will need a business strategy to sell all of the bamboo once it is ready for harvest. This is usually a problem as there are not many local manufacturers that use bamboo in value added products.


Jairo Acero replied:

There is usually at least one type of bamboo that will fit the nature of your soil from more than 1000 species. Testing the soil by lab analysis will help to know what kind of minerals it has, together with its acidity or alcalinity to make corrections. There is a pretty long trial and error time for you to learn, but after a while you will be sucessful. If you do not have immediate buyers at hand you will at least help to restore your land ... Good luck!


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