Curing Bamboo Immediately after Harvest

Curing Bamboo Immediately after Harvest

What's the notion of this harvesting technique? Cut green culms and place them in a 5 gal. bucket with 3 gals. of a 10 % solution of Timbor (a borax / boric acid solution) in water. This happens in the grove for a month.

Shouldn't the boric solution be drawn up the culm by capillary action yielding a cured culm in a month? After a month remove the culms to finish drying vertically in a shady spot for another month. What do you think?



Stu replied:

I have invented a way to cure bamboo at site using a non-toxic 10:1 CuSO4 solution. I drill holes around the base of the culm section above a node so that all the vascular bundles are pretty much compromised. Then I rasp off the debris and seal the holes with gladwrap or tape. I then drill a couple of big holes at the top of the culm section and add the solution (one hole to let the air out). 

The bamboo does not go into shock and dies slowly in place, ensuring a better uptake of solution and displacement of sugars. I have had great results....and the bamboo does not blow over or fall out of the buckets. I think very little Cu finds its way down into the roots, no discoloration below the holes, and the clumps are healthy.


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