Can Bamboo Plantations Produce Quality Timber?

Can Bamboo Plantations Produce Quality Timber?

I am a Kenyan and I have just come across a farm selling bamboo seedlings that produce solid bamboo trees. I have searched for more information and it has led me to your website which has inspired me more. In the next 1 or 2 months I plan to plant 150 seedlings of bamboo. I plan to produce poles for fencing and building purposes.

The bamboo concept is new in Kenya and I believe it will bring a lot of change in this country if it is embraced. According to the research I have done, I have learnt that bamboo can give me good returns.

I am however skeptical about the ability of bamboos to produce quality poles and timber. Kindly advise me on the ability of bamboos to produce quality poles. How many shoots can form a clump if planted in an ideal climate?

I will appreciate your input as I begin the journey of transforming our country. Kindly give me more information of how bamboo trees are used in your country. Thank you.


Jonas replied:

Bamboo has the same uses as timber, it can be chipped and made into paper and boards. The fibres can be used and if one goes to woolworths one can see the socks, towels and other garments made from bamboo. It produces more cotton per hectare than regular cotton using less pesticides and weedicides, it uses less water than forestry and writings in china say that where it is planted the streams start flowing again!

A lot of scaffolding going up many storeys in the East are from bamboo. Houses can also be made from bamboo and furniture. Once planted bamboo can supply a yearly income since after 5 years culms or stems can be harvested yearly. I have planted a hectare to prove to myself that the yield is higher than I can achieve using forestry having heard that it can produce 200 ton annually.


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