Best Country to Grow Bamboo in Central America

Best Country to Grow Bamboo in Central America

I currently have invested in El Salvador in softwoods, but want to diversify into bamboo plantations, so what's the best place/country to invest, grow and process Guadua bamboo; Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua or Costa Rica?



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Essentially Guadua angustifolia can grow in all of Central America, but it is key to:

  1. Have high quality planting materials available.
  2. Find the best site location in terms of soil and climate conditions.
  3. Have a professional team with experience in bamboo cultivation.
  4. Have access to a wide network of clients for the sales of your crop or value added product.


LT replied:

Perhaps the question becomes: where is there an active market to sell your bamboo and what prices can you get?...


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