Curing Bamboo Posts for Vineyards

Curing Bamboo Posts for Vineyards

I have read your article about poles and the durability of bamboo but do you think it would be feasible to treat bamboo for use as posts in vineyards? I live in the Margaret river wine growing region of western Australia where thousands of CCA treated pine posts are used.



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

If treated with a fixating chemical mix such as CCB, yes. In Costa Rica banana plantations have traditionally been growing bamboo as well, in order to use the bamboo poles as plants support sticks for the banana plants. These bamboo props aren't treated and are replaced every 2 years. Untreated bamboo support sticks are also used in various vegetable crops.

Is there a minimum life span required for vineyard posts? If not, untreated poles might be the cheapest solution, especially if you grow them yourself.


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