Growing Guadua Bamboo at Sea Level

Growing Guadua Bamboo at Sea Level

I'm an extremely green bamboo enthusiast. My dream is as follows.... Buy a nice piece of land in Latin America, close enough to the ocean so that I can see the waves and surf everyday. Grow GUADUA BAMBOO so that I can slowly build my dream house on said land.

However my preliminary research (and this website) tells me Guadua angustifolia grows best between 900m and 1600m. Does this mean its a bad idea to grow it at sea level? For construction purposes? Hope not! Any help is highly valued...



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Altitude is directly related to temperature, and it is the average temperature that is the most important factor in regards to growing Guadua angustifolia plants.

Growing Guadua bamboo at sea level may very well result in faster growing culms (compared to higher altitude / lower temperatures). Culms may be a little smaller in size and fibers may be a little less strong but not to the extend that they cannot be used for construction. So, in conclusion, YES you can certainly grow Guadua angustifolia at sea level in Central America.


 Terrence Lalla replied:

I am interested in finding out whether Guadua angustifolia will grow in Trinidad and Tobago. If so how can I start a plantation of about 10 acres?


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