What is the Best Bamboo Species for Making Floors

What is the Best Bamboo Species for Making Floors

I am considering bamboo as a flooring material. Are some species better than others for bamboo flooring? Love your site. So informative. So readable. Keep up the good work!



Wayne replied:

What's the best species of bamboo for flooring? It's probably a lot like coffee in that many differing opinions are out there as to where the best coffee grows, but bottom line, all coffee beans can be roasted wrong. They can all be brewed wrong.

My guess is, it's more critical how bamboo is handled and/or processed than where it comes from, i.e. fair trade practices, manufacturing environmental compliance, efficient and stable distribution.

Am I right? Anybody else have a thought?


Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Choosing the right species for floor making is very important because the strength of bamboo fibers varies greatly from species to species. Generally speaking, the best timber species are found in the genus: Guadua, Dendrocalamus, Bambusa, and Phyllostachys.

Moso (Phyllostachys edulis) from Asia is most often used for flooring purposes. The preferred species in the Americas is Guadua angustifolia. A comparison of both species can be found here.


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