Submerging Bamboo in Sea Water

Submerging Bamboo in Sea Water

I've read that submerging bamboo in sea water is another traditional treatment of bamboo. How long-lasting will the bamboo be using this treatment?


Anthony Pizarro replied:

Let the poles or the splits dry thoroughly under the sun. Then soak them in the sea for 2 months. The dry poles and splits easily absorb all the salt of the sea. This sea-water treatment gives the bamboos at least 50 years of protection from termites, borers and fungi. Its widely used in Asia and also used for wood treatment. Very safe and natural, very effective and cheap and truly long-lasting. Good luck.


Ron Bedford replied:

Where is the evidence it lasts for 50 years? I think you would need to puncture the culms and practically it is difficult to keep the poles under water with all of the tidal activity. The best it could do is reduce borer/ beetle infestation but I think termites could still be a problem although the starch content will have been reduced considerably.