Growing Guadua Bamboo together with Fruit Trees

Growing Guadua Bamboo together with Fruit Trees

Does anyone have experience mixing Guadua bamboo with fruit trees? Does bamboo harm fruit trees in any way via the (rotting) leafs? I know that there might be impact as to the shade the bamboo gives.

Does anyone have experience regarding the planting distance that has to be considered when planting bamboo near a fruit tree?



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

When planting Guadua bamboo together with fruit trees, I would recommend to maintain a 10 meters spacing between them. A Guadua clump might occupy all that 10m space in 15 years or so.

Bamboo leaves are very rich in nutrients and are therefore an excellent organic fertilizer. Fallen bamboo leaves are also a good "mulch" since they prevent weeds from growing near the clump.


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