Where to Buy Guadua Angustifolia Seeds?

Where to Buy Guadua Angustifolia Seeds?

Can you tell me where I can buy Guadua angustifolia seeds? I have searched the internet but have found nothing for this bamboo in seed form. I hope to grow more varieties of bamboo in the future and your site will be a big help, hope to hear from you soon.



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Unfortunately most bamboo seeds and especially Guadua seeds are very difficult to obtain, because Guadua angustifolia usually flowers once every 60-120 years. For this reason, generally speaking, bamboo is not propagated trough seeds (unless you are very lucky to get some). 

An additional problem with bamboo seeds is that they are not all equally vigorous and a large percentage might not germinate at all. Also, the shelf life of bamboo seeds is about 3 months after which they rapidly start to lose germination power. 

By any means, Guadua angustifolia is a tropical bamboo species which does not grow in Europe. Freezing temperatures will kill the plant during the winter.


Carole Hawke replied:

I took your advise and searched the net for giant clumping bamboo seeds, there are many sites available for buying seeds but I remembered that you said bamboo seeds start to lose germination ability once the seed is 3 months old. 

Most sites have seeds for sale that are 3-5 months old, so by the time I get them my success rate of germination is significantly reduced or do all bamboo seeds need to be less than 3 months old, are some seeds more hardy than others?

I am still looking for my guadua seeds, alas no luck as yet.


Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Bamboo seeds should preferably be planted immediately after harvesting, although there are experimental techniques to extend the shelf life of bamboo seeds by storing them under low temperatures. 

Because seed setting is such a unique event and good information is scares, I highly doubt whether most of these seed suppliers are reliable (especially the ones who have the same species on sale for years). Usually bamboo seeds on sale are quite cheap so you're not gonna lose an arm and a leg over it. For the average hobbyist it might be an exciting way to experiment, but professional growers however, require certified, high quality and vigorous bamboo planting materials.

Buying bamboo plants from a nursery requires a higher investment but the returns will also be far greater, because even when seeds germinate, a high percentage of them might die in the early stages of development.


Robert replied:

Hello, same here. I've been looking around for Guadua seeds online with negative results. I am located in South Florida. I would like to start planting bamboo and I was told Guadua bamboo is what I should plant for the most profit. Considering that I can not find the Guadua seeds anywhere, what type of bamboo would you recommend? I have 2 to 3 acres to work with.


Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Moso might be a good alternative as it is the most popular timber bamboo used in China. Keep in mind though that the USDA prohibits the import of all live bamboo planting materials (plants and seeds). 


Dax Fernandes replied:

The seeds to be obtained is hard but what about the saplings, are they easily available? And also could you let me know a few places where I can get this bamboo variety as I require it.


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