What is the Durability of a Bamboo House?

What is the Durability of a Bamboo House?

I am facing a situation as I need to look for material to build some house(s) in Belize. My spouse asked a critical question: what is the durability of a bamboo house and how many years can you expect a bamboo home to last?

Also, what is a way to make a bamboo home to be hurricane 'resistant'? Proper joints and reinforcements or more bamboo elements put together in a technically mosaic?

Also, if you have a building team using a prefabricated house from bamboo it will take 2-3 days to assemble it again and another 1-2 months to finish. What is the time frame and level of effort needed to build a bamboo home using a same nice design but not a prefab kit and all the pieces cut on site?



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

A professionally build bamboo house with preserved bamboo poles will last a life time. Many bamboo homes can be found in South America and Asia that are older than 200 years!

Proper treatment of the bamboo is crucial along with specific building techniques and maintenance. It is for example most important to avoid direct contact with soil, sun or rain to ensure the durability of bamboo. 

Highly trained and skilled workers can build a standard bamboo house from scratch in 2 months, all depends of the design of course.


Stephen Saugnier replied:

I also had a query with regards to the cost of building a bamboo house. I know it depends on a number of factors but can you give me some examples so as to make better estimates.

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