Is Moso Bamboo Edible?

Is Moso Bamboo Edible?

Is Moso Bamboo edible and does it contain cyanide at all? If a bamboo shoot which contains cyanide is eaten by an animal, say, a buffalo, would the animal die?



Jack Carter replied:

Yes, Moso Bamboo is definitely edible.

Moso bamboo is known by the scientific names 'Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens' and 'Phyllostachys edulis.' "Edulis" translates as "edible," which makes sense, given that Moso bamboo shoots are imported to the United States from China and "are likely the ones you are eating at your local Chinese restaurant," according to Bamboo Valley, a U.S. Bamboo grower.

The poisonous one that you are referring is "Cathariostachys madagascariensis" This bamboo species found in Madagascar. These bamboos contain cyanide in growing shoots.

So not only your animals, even you can eat Moso Bamboo (* particularly its bamboo shoot).


Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Nevertheless, all bamboo shoots, doesn't matter from which species, need to be boiled before consumption. Boil the shoots for at least 20 min, rinse, and boil again. This will eliminate the cyanide and bitter taste from most bamboo shoots.


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