Bamboo Maintenance

Bamboo Maintenance

Once you've planted bamboo, what kind of maintenance is necessary after each year? I heard that you're supposed to cut off the lateral growth of the bamboo and only leave the center columns. You're also supposed to eliminate the weaker center columns.

Would you confirm this? Any other suggestions or things to consider? Once the plant is bigger, does it require plain sunlight or is partly shade also acceptable?



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Maintenance depends on the age of development. In the first year the most important aspect is to keep the clumps absolutely free of weeds. In later years you can eliminate dead/dried culms and trim the lower branches. Trimming branches is not absolutely necessary but since they can have very nasty thorns (Guadua for example) it's best to cut off those branches for easy access to the plantation.

Every bamboo species is different some species require full sun, while other like partial sunlight or shade. Always specify which bamboo species you are referring too.


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