Bamboo Construction

Guadua Bamboo offers exclusive bamboo construction and architectural services for sustainable and ecological building projects worldwide. Prefabricated bamboo homes and structures can be exported from our workshops in Colombia.

Although bamboo is often associated with poor rural housing somewhere in a remote tropical country, as a building material it stands out because of its extraordinarry structural and mechanical properties, its strength/weight ratio is one of them.

Colombian architects and engineers are famous for their elaborate work and design with Guadua Bamboo. They simplified and universalised this material which contributed to a better and correct use of bamboo as a building material in general.

Prefab Bamboo Housing 

An example of a prefabricated bamboo house at our workshop in Colombia demonstrates how easy it is to fit all the elements of this structure in a ocean freight container. All our bamboo prefab constructions are custom designed according to the needs of the customer. Different solutions and finishes for walls, roofs and flooring can be implemented. 

Custom Bamboo Designs for Special Events and Festivals

Because of the global demand for non-polluting, sustainable, and earthquake resistant building materials, the interest in bamboo construction among western innovative architects is growing rapidly. Therefore, bamboo structures are now becoming increasingly popular, and are often used at international fairs, events, exhibitions and festivals.

More Guadua Bamboo Construction Projects

Bamboo not only offers optimal solutions for communities with smaller resources, it is also a popular resource and study subject for professionals and institutions of high economic level which translates itself in high end residential bamboo homes, schools, offices, hotels, car parks, etc.

Bamboo Construction and Architectural Services

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