Bamboo Construction & Architecture

Bamboo construction is often associated with poor rural housing somewhere in a remote tropical country, but as a building material, bamboo stands out because of its structural and mechanical properties, its strength/weight ratio is one of them. Although bamboo has been referred too as the poor man's timber, it is now becoming increasingly popular.

Many credits have to be given to the collaboration of Colombian and Ecuadorian architects and engineers, who are responsible for most of the early Guadua bamboo constructions. Their effort to simplify and universalize this material as an element in construction has contributed to a better and correct use of bamboo.

Examples of Bamboo Architecture

Because of the global demand for non-polluting, sustainable, and earthquake resistant building materials, the interest in bamboo construction among western innovative architects is growing rapidly. Bamboo not only offers optimal solutions for communities with smaller resources, it is also a popular resource and study subject for professionals and institutions of a high economic level which translated itself in high end residential homes, schools, offices, hotels, etc.

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