Building Walls with Crushed Bamboo

Building Walls with Crushed Bamboo

Informative video on how to build walls with crushed bamboo mats and natural plasters (adobe). Preservation of the bamboo matting is of course required before using them in construction.


Victor Merino wrote:

Very well done, by any chance do you guys know the name of that blue substance and what is the purpose of using it? Thanks I really love this website!



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Thanks Victor, I'm going to write a whole page on building with bamboo and adobe soon. The blue liquid is some kind of filler/glue, also used when applying stucco to a concrete wall. More to come soon...

AnoJack Vicajee Bertolinymous wrote:

Extremely interesting! Do you have any experience for building very cheap housing for the poor? What would be the construction time for a simple one/two room house-shelter type-mass produced?

As an architect I believe your information, and preservation could revolutionize mass, and cheap housing. Do you have any information concerning this aspect for the use of bamboo?

Josh The Traveler wrote:

Great video...a little spotty the last 20 seconds or so.

Some Questions: What species of Bamboo are they using in this video? The wall thickness seems too low for it to be Guadua.

The women are seen chopping something about 1/2 way through the video. What is it? Is it the fiber scrapped from the inside of the culm? Is that what is used as a fibrous binder in the "plaster" applied to the wall.

In the video, one gets the idea that the man split & scraped the culm and it is IMMEDIATELY installed as a new wall. Is this the case or do these in fact need to be dried 1st?

Thank you again for all the help this website has given me.



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

It is probably some sort of Guadua, although not of superior quality (black stain). As with any bamboo culm, the further you go toward the tip of the culm the less diameter and wall thickness. So this is a piece from the top middle section of the culm.

The bamboo mats should always be treated first before using in construction (and preferably dried as well). See this article for more information about the process of making crushed bamboo mats.

I'm not sure what type of adobe they are using but it might very well be that those woman are loosening the soil by chopping the existing roots.

The inner fibers of Guadua are very long and tough, unless they are split into hair like particles, I don't think they are a very good alternative to use as a binder.

Benny wrote:

What is that man covering the wall with. Is it paint or something else? Then covering the wall with what? Is it cement with mud?

Great video and this whole way of living appeals to me very much.