Bambusa lako

Bambusa lako

Bambusa lako also known as Timor Black Bamboo, is a tropical clumping bamboo native to Indonesia. This bamboo species is easily recognised by its striking shiny black culms and is often used for ornamental and landscaping purposes. Bambusa lako is closely related to thye species Gigantochloa atroviolacea from which it was separated in 1997.

Bambusa lako

Height 12 - 15 m
Diameter 3 - 8 cm
Growth Habit Clumping
Climate Tropical - Subtropical
Hardiness -4°C
Origin Indonesia

Culms: The thick walled woody culms of Bambusa lako have an average diameter between 3-8 cm, and are between 12-15 m tall (although culms can grow up to 21 m under optimal climate and soil condition). Young internodes are initially green but turn shiny black at maturity with some thin green and sometimes yellow striping. The internodes are on average between 23-35 cm long.

Branches: Nodes contain a central dominant branch with several smaller branches. 

Leaves: The leaves of Bambusa lako are long, narrow and bright green between 14–25 cm long, and 24–32 mm wide.

Habitat: Tropical and subtropical climate.

Uses: Ornamental and landscaping.

Origin: Bambusa lako is native to Southeast Asia; Indonesia and possibly Malaysia.