Bambusa blumeana

Bambusa blumeana

Bambusa blumeana, also known as Spiny Bamboo or Thorny Bamboo, is a tropical clumping bamboo native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Shoots from this bamboo species are edible and consumed as a vegetable.

Height 15 - 25 m
Diameter 8 - 15 cm
Growth Habit Dense Clumping
Climate Tropical - Subtropical
Hardiness -1°C
Origin Indonesia - Malaysia

Culms: Bambusa blumeana is a thorny bamboo with slightly arching green culms of 15-25 m tall. The internodes are 25-35 cm long, with 8-15 cm in diameter and an average wall thickness of 2-3 cm. At the base of the culms, wall thickness is mostly solid, especially in dry areas or poor soils. Lower culm nodes show a ring of aerial roots, with a gray or brown ring below and above the sheath scar.

Branches: Branches usually occur from the middle of the culm to the top, and have several to many clustered branches with 1-3 larger dominant branches that are markedly longer and thicker. Branches from the lower nodes are solitaire and densely interwoven with tough, sharp, curved thorns.

Leaves: Leaves are lance-shaped and on average 10-20 cm long and 12-25 mm wide.

Habitat: This bamboo species grows in humid or dry tropical areas along river banks, hill slopes, and freshwater creeks. It often occurs at low or moderate altitudes, usually up to 300 m (in Taiwan up to 1,000 m). On heavy or poor soils Bambusa blumeana develops near solid stems (at the base), and can tolerate flooding. The species prefers a low pH (5 - 6.5), heavy saline soils are not suitable.

Uses: Culms are used in construction, parquets, basketry, furniture, concrete reinforcements, kitchen utensils, handicrafts, chopsticks, hats and toys. Bambusa blumeana is also used as fuel if wood is scarce, as a raw material for paperpulp, and its edible shoots are consumed as a vegetable. This bamboo species also has great potential for the rehabilitation of marginal lands and can be used to border agricultural areas as living fences, as a windbreak, or to prevent erosion along streams.

Bambusa blumeana Distribution Map

Origin: Bambusa blumeana is native to Indonesian and Malaysia, but has been widely introduced in Southeast Asia; Thailand - Philippines - Vietnam - China - Japan.