Yushania Species List

86 Species

Bamboo species form the genus Yushania are spreading temperate to subtropical bamboos, native from the Himalayas to Taiwan and the Philippines. They also occur in Southeast Africa and Madagascar.

The name Yushania refers to the mountain 'Yu Shan' of the central mountain range of Taiwan. These woody bamboos are thornless and grow at moderate to high altitudes, up to 3,000 m but usually lower.

Yushania has long-necked rhizomes that enable the plants to spread further, giving it a semi-running habit under suitable conditions. The species are mainly of little utility, and several species are even considered invasive weeds. They form good screening but can be rather invasive in warmer sites.

Yushania species have been experiencing many name changes and also contain various bamboo species that used to be assigned to Arundinaria.


Common Names for Yushania Species

Bamboo growers and garden books frequently refer to bamboos by their 'common names'. Below you'll find a table with the most common English names for Yushania and their correct scientific names.

More common names in English can be found here: Common Bamboo Names.

Common Name

Botanical Name

Green Mountain Bamboo Yushania alpina