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Nastus is a genus of slender, erect, scrambling or climbing bamboo. It comprises of 24 species, mainly found in the tropical mountain forests of the Southern Hemisphere from Madagascar and Réunion to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

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Nastus amazonicus    
Nastus ambrensis   15 m
Nastus aristatus   1-2 m
Nastus borbonicus 60 mm 17 m
Nastus decaryanus    
Nastus elatus   15-20 m
Nastus elegantissimus   10-25 m
Nastus elongatus 30 mm 15-20 m
Nastus emimensis    
Nastus holttumianus 30 mm 20 m
Nastus hooglandii 2-5 mm  
Nastus humbertianus    
Nastus Iokohoensis    
Nastus Iongispicula    
Nastus madagascariensis 10 mm  
Nastus manongarivensis    
Nastus obtusus 50 mm 20 m
Nastus perrieri    
Nastus productus 3-15 mm 20 m
Nastus reholttumianus 30 mm  
Nastus rudimentifer 40-50 mm 7-8 m
Nastus schlechteri    
Nastus schmutzii 60 mm  
Nastus tsaratananensis    
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