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The genus Guadua contains the largest bamboos in tropical America. Stems can reach up to 30m in height and to 20cm in diameter. The name Guadua (pronounced 'gua-du-a') comes from the common name used by the people of Colombia.

Bamboo species of the genus Guadua are native to Central and South America: from Mexico to Paraguay and Argentina, with a center of diversity in western Amazonia. They usually occur in hot lowland regions within forests and savannas.

Guadua is used as a building material for construction and similar purposes; only one species (Guadua sarcocarpa) is recorded to be consumed as a vegetable.

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Guadua amplexifolia 60-100 mm 10-15 m
Guadua angustifolia 70-200 mm 7-30 m
Guadua angustifolia subsp. angustifolia 70-200 mm 7-30 m
Guadua angustifolia subsp. angustifolia var. bicolor 100-120 mm 15-18 m
Guadua angustifolia subsp. chacoensis 100-150 mm 12-20 m
Guadua barbata
Guadua calderoniana 20-35 mm 10-20 m
Guadua capitata 60 mm
Guadua chaparensis 35-120 mm 18-25 m
Guadua ciliata 8-20 mm 4-10 m
Guadua distorta
Guadua fascicularis
Guadua glaziovii
Guadua glomerata 10-45 mm 8-12 m
Guadua incana 70-120 mm 10-18 m
Guadua latifolia 30-70 mm 3-11 m
Guadua lindmanii
Guadua Iongifimbriata
Guadua longifolia 20-50 mm 4-10 m
Guadua macclurei 30-40 mm 6-15 m
Guadua macrospiculata
Guadua macrostachya 40-70 mm 8-18 m
Guadua maculosa
Guadua paniculata 50-70 mm 8-10 m
Guadua paraguayana 20-40 mm 8-10 m
Guadua polyclados
Guadua refracta
Guadua ribbentropii 50-60 mm 6-7 m
Guadua riograndensis 100 mm
Guadua sarcocarpa 80-100 mm 10-30 m
Guadua sarcocarpa subsp. sarcocarpa
Guadua sarcocarpa subsp. purpuracea
Guadua spinosissima 80 mm
Guadua superba 100-150 mm 20 m
Guadua tagoara 50-100 mm 10-20 m
Guadua tagoara subsp. glaziovii 60-150 mm 8-20 m
Guadua tessmannii 150 mm 7 m
Guadua tomentosa 30-50 mm
Guadua trinii 30-50 mm 8-10 m
Guadua uncinata
Guadua velutina 50-100 mm 3-15 m
Guadua venezuelae
Guadua virgata
Guadua weberbaueri 40-120 mm 8-20 m
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