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The genus Cephalostachyum is a primitive tropical and subtropical bamboo. Species of this bamboo grow in dense clumps with thin-walled weak culms.

They like humid and shady conditions and occur mainly in forests of moderate and high elevations (500 - 2,000 m). A few species grow up to 2,450 m altitude in the eastern Himalayas.

Bamboo species of the genus Cephalostachyum are native to the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, China, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Madagascar.

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Cephalostachyum burmanicum 80-100 mm 15-18 m
Cephalostachyum capitatum 25-30 mm 4-10 m
Cephalostachyum capitatum var. decompositum
Cephalostachyum chapelieri 5-7 mm
Cephalostachyum chevalieri 8 m
Cephalostachyum flavescens 25-38 mm 3-6 m
Cephalostachyum langbianense 12-20 mm 3-7 m
Cephalostachyum latifolium 2-3 m
Cephalostachyum madagascariense 120-150 mm 18-22 m
Cephalostachyum mannii 8 mm 10 m
Cephalostachyum mindorense 30 mm
Cephalostachyum pallidum 15 mm 1-2 m
Cephalostachyum peclardii
Cephalostachyum pergracile 50-75 mm 10-12 m
Cephalostachyum perrieri
Cephalostachyum scandens
Cephalostachyum viguieri 15-30 mm
Cephalostachyum virgatum 5-10 mm
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