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The bamboo genus Borinda is named in honour of Norman Loftus Bor (1893-1972), an Irish born British agrostologist, taxonomist, and plant collector who worked in India (Dehra Dun) and at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

Borinda bamboos include the largest temperate clump-forming Sino-Himalayan bamboos, producing large, strong and durable culms with long internodes.

Bamboo species of the genus Borinda grow native at relatively high altitudes in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, China, Yunnan, Burma and Vietnam.

Species Name



Borinda angustissima 10-20 mm 4-7 m
Borinda chigar 15 mm 4 m
Borinda emeryi 4 m
Borinda extensa 10-28 mm 4-6.5 m
Borinda farcta 5-15 mm 2-3.5 m
Borinda frigidorum 10-17 mm 1.5-3.5 m
Borinda fungosa 15-25 mm 4-6 m
Borinda glabrifolia 8-20 mm 4-6 m
Borinda grossa 20-35 mm 8 m
Borinda macclureana 50 mm 5 m
Borinda setosa 5-35 mm 1-7 m


Recently Corrected Names in the Genus Borinda

Bamboo species tables are monitored and improved each year by a wide group of experts. Below you’ll find the latest updates for the genera Borinda.

Old Name

New Name

Borinda boliana Yushania boliana
Fargesia angustissima Borinda angustissima
Fargesia frigida Borinda frigidorum
Fargesia fungosa Borinda fungosa