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Bambusa is a medium to large size bamboo genus, and very popular among growers and cultivators. They are usually very strong and have thick culm walls, with small branches and small leaves.

Bambusa species are subtropical and tropical clumping bamboos native to: Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Kampuchea, Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Madagascar.

Common Names for Bambusa Species

Bamboo growers and garden books frequently refer to bamboos by their 'common names'. Below you'll find a table with the most common English names for Bambusa and their correct scientific names.

More common names in English can be found here: Common Bamboo Names.

Common Name

Botanical Name

Beechey Bamboo Bambusa beecheyana
Buddha's Belly Bamboo Bambusa tuldoides 'Ventricosa'
Chinese Goddess Bamboo Bambusa multiplex ‘Riviereorum’
Chinese Thorny Bamboo Bambusa sinospinosa
Common Bamboo Bambusa vulgaris
Fernleaf Bamboo Bambusa multiplex ‘Fernleaf’
Giant Thorny Bamboo Bambusa bambos
Giant Timber Bamboo Bambusa oldhamii
Hedge Bamboo Bambusa multiplex
Horsehoof Bamboo Bambusa lapidea
Iron Range Bamboo Bambusa forbesii
Oldham's Bamboo Bambusa oldhamii
Painted Bamboo Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata'
Punting Pole Bamboo Bambusa tuldoides
Timor Black Bamboo Bambusa lako
Weaver's Bamboo Bambusa textilis