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Biomass Production of Dendrocalamus asper vs Guadua angustifolia

Biomass Production of Dendrocalamus asper vs Guadua angustifolia

I'm curious to know which bamboo produces more biomass in a per hectare basis: Dendrocalamus asper or Guadua angustifolia?



Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

To be honest, I can't compare because I only have scientific studies for Guadua angustifolia. A Guadua plantation with a planting density of 5m x 5m (400 plants) can produce 862 tons biomass per hectare in 7 years (from the time of planting until year 7). In other words, an average biomass production of 123 ton per hectare per year.

Theoretically Dendrocalmus asper (being a very dense clumping bamboo) could produce even more biomass per hectare when the planting density is very high. But in practical terms, it would be impossible to manage a Dendrocalamus plantation if all bamboos are planted so close together. Guadua is an "open clumper" so there is always space between the stems which makes it much easier to sustainably harvest the stems and manage the plantation.

A lot of different variables have to be considered when talking about biomass production, but since Guadua angustifolia is a giant tropical bamboo, I think it would be safe to say that it is one of the largest biomass producing species in the world (both among bamboo species or any other high yielding crop). 


Marc replied:

Hi Stephane, could you show us a chart breaking down the "sustainable" biomass yield/production of Guadua angustifolia in tons, per hectare, per year of growth? In addition, do you happen to have any studies showing the Calorific value of Guadua angustifolia (Average 4000


Stephane from Guadua Bamboo replied:

Yes I do have all this information but I can't share this publicly because this is very valuable data to our company as these studies required a lot of time, energy and resources!


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