Bamboo Species of Mexico

Bamboo Species of Mexico

8 genera, 35 species, 2 subspecies

Mexico is the second most diverse country in America in terms of woody bamboos. At present, 8 genera and 37 species are reported with one genus, Olmeca, and 14 species being endemic. The majority (47%) of its species belong to the genus Chusquea, and the remaining to Arthrostylidium, Aulonemia, Guadua, Olmeca, Otatea and Rhipidocladum.

In Mexico, some Guadua and Otatea species are used by local communities. There are several common names for the Chusquea species such as "Carrizo", "otatillo", "camalote" and "chajiche", and there are reports that the culms of these are used to make baskets.

Guadua has 5 species in Mexico: Guadua aculeata, Guadua amplexifolia, Guadua longifolia, Guadua paniculata and Guadua velutina, almost all of them are utilized for various purposes.

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Arthrostylidium excelsum 2-3 mm 1-5 m
Aulonemia clarkiae 10-16 mm 5-8 m
Aulonemia fulgor 5-10 mm 3-6 m
Aulonemia laxa 4-4.5 mm 1-1.2 m
Chusquea aperta 10 mm 1-2 m
Chusquea bilimekii 30 mm 3-4 m
Chusquea circinata 10-25 mm 3-7 m
Chusquea coronalis 15-20 mm 6-10 m
Chusquea foliosa 20-50 mm 3-20 m
Chusquea galeottiana 15 mm 15 m
Chusquea glauca 10 mm 5-6 m
Chusquea lanceolata 20 mm 6-8 m
Chusquea liebmannii 10-25 mm 3-10 m
Chusquea longifolia 20-60 mm 5-15 m
Chusquea muelleri
Chusquea nelsonii
Chusquea repens ssp. oaxacacensis
Chusquea repens ssp. repens
Chusquea perotensis
Chusquea pittieri 50 mm 10-20 m
Chusquea simpliciflora 5-10 mm 5-25 m
Chusquea sulcata
Guadua amplexifolia 60-100 mm 10-15 m
Guadua aculeata 70-200 mm 7-30 m
Guadua longifolia 20-50 mm 4-10 m
Guadua paniculata 50-70 mm 8-10 m
Guadua velutina 50-100 mm 3-15 m
Merostachys sp.
Olmeca recta 45-50 mm 15 m
Olmeca reflexa 20 mm 6-12 m
Otatea acuminata ssp. acuminata
Otatea acuminata ssp. aztecorum
Otatea fimbriata
Rhipidocladum bartlettii 2-8 mm 2-10 m
Rhipidocladum martinezii 8-16 mm
Rhipidocladum pittieri 5-10 mm 5-10 m
Rhipidocladum racemiflorum 5-10 mm 10-15 m
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In recent years Guadua angustifolia has been cultivated in Chiapas and Tabasco. The initial material was brought from Quindio, Colombia, and more than 4,000 ha are cultivated in southern Mexico for commercial purposes. Other commercial plantations are being raised with Guadua amplexifolia.

The most common introduced Asiatic bamboos in Mexico are Bambusa vulgaris and Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata'. Probably, there are more Asiatic bamboos but they are not documented in herbarium collections.