Bamboo Species of Guyana

Bamboo Species of Guyana

8 genera, 13 species

Bamboo resources in Guyana (French Guyana, Guyana and Surinam) are unimportant to the local economy. Some ethnobotanical uses -- such as for making lances, bows, arrowheads, arrow shafts, knives and fishing harpoons -- have been reported by the indigenous people.

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Arthrostylidium scandens 5-9 mm 5-8 m
Arthrostylidium venezuelae 10-30 mm 3-10 m
Aulonemia deflexa 4-5 mm 1-1.5 m
Chusquea linearis
Guadua glomerata 10-45 mm 8-12 m
Guadua latifolia 30-70 mm 3-11 m
Guadua macrostachya 40-70 mm 8-18 m
Guadua weberbaueri 40-120 mm 8-20 m
Merostachys retrorsa 2.5 m
Myriocladus distantiflorus 5 m
Neurolepis angusta 10 mm 9 m
Rhipidocladum racemiflorum 5-10 mm 10-15 m
Rhipidocladum sibilans 7-15 mm 4-8 m
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The most promising species are found in the genus Guadua, namely Guadua latifolia, Guadua macrostachya, Guadua weberbaueri and Guadua glomerata.

Other uses of bamboo in this region is limited to minor uses such tools and small implements for fishing and hunting, and as a medicinal plant.