Bamboo Species of Chile

Bamboo Species of Chile

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In Chile, bamboo is rarely used as an economic plant, but has some influence on the dynamics and composition of the Chilean Andes forest.

The genus Chusquea is the only native American bamboo occurring in the country. It is found in the provinces of Cautin, Chiloe, Concepcion, Llanquihue, Malleco, Nuble, Osorno, Santiago, Valdivia and Valparaiso, and is locally known as "culeo" and "colihue".

It is interesting to note that the geographical distribution of the genus Guadua includes all South American countries, except Chile.

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Chusquea andina 0.7 m
Chusquea ciliate
Chusquea culeou 30 mm 1-8 m
Chusquea cumingii 2.5-3 m
Chusquea fernandeziana
Chusquea macrostachya
Chusquea montana
Chusquea quila
Chusquea uliginosa
Chusquea valdiviensis
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