Crushed Bamboo Panels

The newest innovation in sustainable building materials has arrived: Crushed Bamboo Panels! These beautiful yet affordable construction grade bamboo panels are exclusively made in Colombia from the world's strongest bamboo species Guadua angustifolia.

Bamboo paneling comes in many different shapes and forms but our exclusive Crushed Guadua Bamboo Panels are quite unique. The panels have a distinctive look which is a result of the way they are made. Three layers of treated and dried crushed Guadua mats are glued and pressed together to form a panel.

The top layer can be sanded or left as is (rustic), which depend on the end application and the specifications of the client. Our crushed bamboo panels are suited for any type of construction; flooring, wall paneling, ceilings, furniture and interior design project. 

Environmental Benefits

Not only are our Crushed Guadua Bamboo Panels extremely strong and durable, they also help the environment. Bamboo naturally regenerates itself, which means it can be harvested selectively (no clear felling). A single stem of 20 m tall can be harvested in just 4 years, as compared to 15 + years for fast growing trees. With each and every bamboo panel produced, we effectively store 117 kg of CO2.

GUADUA Bamboo also exceeds the strength and mechanical properties of many traditional timbers and all other bamboo species in the world (including the famous MOSO bamboo from China), hence its nick name 'Vegetal Steel'.  

Modern-age Wood Substitute

Crushed Guadua Bamboo Panels are designed as an alternative to plywood and other wood composites in the construction and furniture industry. Their superior quality is clearly demonstrated by testing laboratories at the University of The Andes in Colombia and different universities around the world.


Examples of Crushed Bamboo Panel Applications


Available Dimensions and Finishes

We can produce Crushed Guadua Bamboo Panels in two different finishes; either rustic (top layer not sanded) or sanded. Standard panels are composed out of 3 layers of crushed bamboo mats, but we also produce bamboo sandwich panels with a pine filling or pine filling and backing. 

The standard thickness of our crushed bamboo panels is 14 or 22 mm but variations are possible on special request. All our panels are pressed with water resistant PVA glue (Class E1).

Crushed Bamboo Panels

Layers Finish Width
14 Guadua - Guadua - Guadua Rustic - Sanded 1220 2440
14 Guadua - Pine - Guadua Rustic - Sanded 1220 2440
14 Pine - Pine - Guadua Rustic - Sanded 1220 2440
22 Guadua - Guadua - Guadua Rustic - Sanded 1220 2440
22 Guadua - Pine - Guadua Rustic - Sanded 1220 2440
22 Pine - Pine - Guadua Rustic - Sanded 1220 2440

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