Container Dimensions and Load Capacity

How many bamboo poles fit in a container? The answer of course depends on the size of the container and the diameter and length of the bamboo. As a general rule of thumb, a 40ft container can load 140% more bamboo than a 20ft container. Why that extra 40% if a 40ft container is exactly twice the size of a 20ft container you might think? Well that's because there exist 2 types of 40ft ocean containers; a 40' Standard and a 40' High Cube container of which the latter is 31 cm taller. 

In terms of international shipping costs, price differences between shipping a 40' Standard or 40' High Cube container are exactly the same (although a 40' HQ can carry more volume). For that reason we only use 40' HQ containers as clients can transport more bamboo without having to pay extra for the transport.


Standard 20' Container

Inside Length 5.89 m
Inside Width 2.33 m
Inside Height 2.38 m
Capacity 33.13 m³
Max. Cargo 21.727 kg

High Cube 40' Container

Inside Length 12.01 m
Inside Width 2.33 m
Inside Height 2.69 m
Capacity 76.28 m³
Max. Cargo 26.512 kg

Bamboo Poles

Bamboo poles come in many different diameters which obviously influences the loading capacity of the container. The smaller the diameter the more units fit in a container. In the charts below you can see the average loading capacity per diameter class and per container type.

Bamboo is a natural product which means one pole is never exactly the same as the other. Some may differ slightly in diameter and others might have a slight curve which all affect the final load capacity. Therefore the final count and invoice can only be established after loading the container.


Standard 20' Container

Diameter (cm) Length (m) Quantity
6 - 8 5.8 790
8 - 10 5.8 500
10 - 12 5.8 350
12 - 14 5.8 260
14 - 16 5.8 200

High Cube 40' Container

Diameter (cm) Length (m) Quantity
6 - 8 6 1880
8 - 10 6 1200
10 - 12 6 840
12 - 14 6 610
14 - 16 6 470

Crushed Bamboo Mats

Crushed bamboo mats have a standard length of 4 meter and are between 30 and 40 cm wide. The average thickness of a crushed bamboo mat is around 1 cm. A 20' container can load just one stack whereas a 40' container can load three stacks (3 x 4 m = 12 m).


Standard 20' Container

Height (mm) Width (cm) Length (m) Quantity
10 35 4 1100

High Cube 40' Container

Height (mm) Width (cm) Length (m) Quantity
10 35 4 3760

Mixed Containers

Bamboo importers who require a variety of pole diameters or bamboo products shipped in the same container are most welcome to contact us for a customized quote.