PANACA Agricultural Theme Park

PANACA Agricultural Theme Park

PANACA is a farming theme park in Costa Rica. Apart from the nearly 2,000 animals living on the farm, it also features some spectacular bamboo architecture.

PANACA (Parque Nacional De La Cultura Agropecuaria) is the first international agricultural theme park franchise intended to create awareness about nature and rural traditions for those who live in the city. The concept was created in Colombia, but parks can be visited in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Everything at PANACA is natural, which means chemicals are strictly prohibited, including in the feed given to the animals and in the products sold in the park. PANACA also teaches the appropriate use of farming technologies, as it seeks to become a completely self-sustainable and environmentally friendly farm. The park has its own orchard with fruit trees, legumes, and aromatic and medicinal plants, where visitors can learn about the origin and uses of these plants.

At PANACA you will also find several large bamboo buildings. The use of bamboo in architecture is not very common in Costa Rica, therefore, a project like PANACA is a great opportunity to exhibit the possibilities of this wonderful building material to a greater public.

PANACA Costa Rica is located on a terrain of 80 ha with beautiful trails and gardens in San Mateo, Alajuela. It is open from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and offers various restaurants, souvenir shops, specialized guides, and interactive shows and exhibitions of great educational value.

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