Guadua Bamboo Pavilion Nicaragua

Guadua Bamboo Pavilion Nicaragua

Guadua Bamboo and architect Donald Ricci collaborated on building this custom bamboo structure in Managua, Nicaragua in 2010. The bamboo structure is suited for diverse recreational activities as well as cultural and educational programs.


The 105 m2 Guadua bamboo pavilion is located in the French school "Lycée Victor Hugo", and is the first in its kind in Nicaragua.


The combination of steel and "vegetal steel", as Guadua bamboo is often referred to, marks the beginning of a new construction and design system in Nicaragua. The green deck and conic concrete pillars are inspired by the volcanic landscape in Nicaragua.

Guadua Bamboo offers exclusive architectural and construction services for residential and commercial projects in Central and South America. If you are interested to build one of these amazing bamboo structures, please don't hesitate to contact us.