Amazing Bamboo Installation at Casa Cor in Brasilia

This amazing bamboo installation was built by Architecture Studio Fittipaldi for the 2011 Casa Cor event in Brasilia. Although bamboo poles formed the predominantly material, steel profiles and tubes where also used in the structure's framework.

Casa Cor is an annual show that exhibits innovative architecture, interior design and landscaping trends in and from South America. For the entrance of the 2011 event in Brazil, Fittipaldi Architecture Studio was contracted to design a modern installation that would harmonise bamboo (often referred too as 'vegetal steel' because of its great structural strength) in combination with conventional steel.

The result was stunning as the bamboo poles gave the impression to be in constant motion and seemed to be floating and spinning in the air. The purpose of using both materials for this project was to demonstrate the convergence between technology and sustainability. As market demand is increasingly focussing on environmentally responsible, economical and durable solutions, bamboo is definitely here to stay as the sustainable timber alternative of the 21st century.