BooTube - Inspirational Bamboo Videos

Finding informative Bamboo Videos online can be a time consuming task. From now on you won't have to browse through hours and hours of YouTube footage anymore because we've put up all the best bamboo related videos right here on our own BooTube channel!


Amazing Bamboo Growth - Time Lapse

BBC's Wild China has some excellent footage on the fast and furious growth of bamboo.

Bamboo Village in Bali

Quit your job! Sell your home! Pack up the spouse and kids! And move to Bali, Indonesia, where you can live in a spectacular bamboo home in the middle of the jungle! 

Bamboo Compression Test

This connector, namely BAMwood, is suitable for building trusses and space frames with bamboo. The tests have been carried out to evaluate the mechanical strength of the proposed connector under tensile and compressive loads.

Bamboo: The Wise Man's Timber

Bamboo is brilliant! Just watch the video.....!

The Many Uses Of Bamboo

Through the ages, bamboo has been profoundly important to Japan's industry, culture and everyday life. But why does bamboo grow so quick, and when does it flower? A great deal about these familiar plants is not yet fully understood.

The Bamboo Flooring Factory - Bamboo Flooring Manufacturing Process

Watch the manufacturing process of bamboo flooring from start to finish at The Bamboo Factory in Vietnam.

 Bamboo 101: Sustainable Cultivation

Watch how bamboo grows and the incredible biomass it produces.

Creative Bamboo & Earth Construction

Bamboo Scaffolding - How it Works

Bamboo Green School in Bali

Shocked by Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", the visionary millionaire John Hardy swore to dedicate the rest of his life to a revolutionary project. The multi-awarded Green School in Bali is the largest eco-infrastructure in the world. Hosting 200 children from 30 countries who are learning how to respect the planet in a 100% eco compatible village.

Renewable Energy Production from Bamboo

The National Mission on Bamboo Applications under the Ministry of Science & Technology has managed to carve a niche in the field of save wood save earth Campaign.

Bamboo vs Maple - Skateboard Stress Experiment

Skateboarding is the number 1 cause of maple deforestation in North America. It takes 60 years for a maple tree to become mature enough to make skateboards. Bamboo is a grass and can grow up to two feet a day. The more you cut down bamboo, the more it grows back ...

Laminated Bamboo Surfboards

We present you « LA GROZZZ » our new hollow surfboard in bamboo.

Bamboo Steering Wheel in the Lexus GS 450h Hybrid

Keeping Lexus luxury promise while introducing innovating sustainable materials: the new GS 450h challenge. The bamboo steering wheel and trim pieces reinforce the sustainability of the GS 450h. Once again, Lexus interior craftsmen keen eye for details lived up to your expectations.

Riding a Bamboo Bike in Berlin - Ozon Cyclery

"Riding a Bamboo Bike" is the first riding clip from Ozon Cyclery. The talented group of designers and craftsmen creates handmade bamboo bikes. 

Bamboo Minesweeper - Mine Kafon

Afghani designer Massoud Hassani wants his work to help save lives in his native country - a place with nearly 10 million land mines.

Bamboo Crafts

Chifuyu Enomoto is an artist who works primarily with bamboo. He is based in Kanazawa, Japan.

Bamboo Rice Steamer

How to cook rice with Bamboo. Scene from 'Bukid' - A 3-Day Trekking Documentary towards a rope-making village in a mountain in the Philippines.

Bamboo DNA Design & Structures

Bamboo DNA was founded by artist and New York City native Gerard Minakawa, who created the company in response to an immediate need for unique, high performance bamboo materials with which to design and construct his structures.