Bamboo Plantation Management

Guadua Bamboo is specialized in providing professional services for the development of bamboo plantations in Colombia. We offer a wide range of services to corporate or private investors, NGO's, and forestry departments, ranging from full bamboo plantation management, technical assistance, supplying high quality planting materials, property scouting, and assistance in crop sales.

For an investor it is most important to have an experienced partner who can set clear goals and objectives in order for them to earn maximum returns. Planning and managing a commercial bamboo plantation with the objective to produce stems for laminated panels, construction or furniture requires a completely different approach than producing bamboo for biomass fuel pellets, mesh, charcoal, pulp, particle boards or any other product on an industrial level.

Guadua Bamboo provides realistic projections and consultancy based on real numbers and figures. Furthermore, we own and operate large scale bamboo nurseries to guarantee high quality planting materials at all times.

Our Bamboo Plantation Services

We recognize that every bamboo investor is different, therefore we offer a variety of different services which can be requested separately or as an entire package. Some investors already own property, some don't. Some bamboo growers prefer a hands-on approach while other growers rather create a passive source of income.

1. Soil Testing, Analysis and Feasibility

Soil testing and analyzing whether a particular farm is suited to grow Guadua bamboo commercially, is one of the first and most crucial steps to be taken before investing and establishing a bamboo plantation. Failing to do so, may result in very poor growth and consequently low returns. This service is most important if you already own land and want to verify if it is suited to grow Guadua bamboo commercially.

Obtaining Soil Samples

Obtaining Soil Samples

For investors who don't own farm land yet, we highly recommend our property scouting service.

2. Property Scouting (Certified Farm Land)

One of the major advantages of our property scouting service is that you are able to invest in certified farm land to grow Guadua bamboo. We know exactly what requirements are needed to establish a high yielding and profitable bamboo plantation based on 7 criteria. Ignoring one of these parameters, can impact to a greater or lesser degree the revenue stream and genetic potential of the bamboo plant.

Scouting for optimal land

Scouting for optimal land

  1. Optimal Climate Conditions
  2. Optimal Soil Conditions
  3. Topography: To establish a profitable commercial bamboo plantation, we specifically look for a flat topography or a topography with gentle undulations. These terrains allow for plowing and favor the work of planting, maintenance, harvesting and transportation within the plantations, which greatly reduces the overall production costs. However, some flat terrains may flood and show the formation of swamps during rainy season (which is not favorable to grow Guadua bamboo). For those reasons it is important to have the experience and know how to recognize and analyze all of these parameters.
  4. Road access and strategic location: Good road access to and from the farm also reduces transportation costs. In order to create maximum returns, it is important to be located as close as possible to the buyer of your bamboo crop. Usually the buyer will pay a fixed price per ton or per pole once the load is delivered at their production facility. In other words, if the plantation is located 100km from the factory you will earn less then when the plantation is located 10km from the factory. Since all our facilities are located in the Valle del Cauca, Colombia we highly recommend investors to plant bamboo in the same area.
  5. Available work force: Especially large farms require quite a lot of workers. Therefore we scout for farm land that is located near villages or towns which facilitates recruiting.
  6. Legal aspects: All our investment properties are researched for property titles, debts and mortgages by our legal team. Additionally we also research the availability of obtaining building permits if required.
  7. Price: Land prices can vary heavily and may become relatively expensive. We select properties with the best price - quality ratio. Properties located in remote or mountain areas with poor or swampy soils and bad road access are obviously cheaper than the investment properties we recommend. But remember that "cheap farm land" may become very expensive very soon, especially in regards to fertilizer, drainage and transportation.

3. Highest Quality Bamboo Planting Materials

We are specialised in the tropical giant timber bamboo species: Guadua angustifoliaGuadua angustifolia is native to South America and one of the most economically important bamboo species in the world, especially in terms of biomass generation, and mechanical and structural strength properties.

Highest quality planting materials

Highest quality planting materials

All our Guadua bamboo plants are carefully selected for their exceptional vigor and growth rate, strength, and adaptation to local climate and soil condition.

4. Planting, Maintenance and Harvesting

For the hands-off investor we can provide full bamboo plantation management services which include: soil preparations, planting, weed control, fertilization, pest and disease control, pruning and harvesting.

Optimal planting distances depend on the objective of the plantation and destination of the crop. Larger spacing will result in larger diameter stems, while a smaller spacing will result in smaller sized stems but with a higher quantity of stems in a shorter amount of time. The latter is recommended for the production of fiber based products such as bamboo particle boards or biomass fuels where the size of the bamboo stems is of less importance.

5. Technical Assistance, Training and Bamboo Workshops

For the hands-on investor who rather manages their own plantation, we offer technical assistance and training. Local workers can join workshops where they learn how to plant, harvest and cure bamboo poles.

6. Fertilization Programs

In order to maximize revenue and create spectacular yields, it is crucial to technically fertilize the bamboo clumps based on the specific soil fertility conditions of the plantation, age of the bamboo plants, and the nutrient uptake of Guadua angustifolia plants.

Inspecting recently planted bamboo

Inspecting recently planted bamboo

Applying fertilizers by these standards may save the investor a lot of money since there won't be any "over-fertilization". Applying popular commercial fertilizers such as 15-30-15 without knowing the fertility of the soil or annual nutrient uptake according to the age of the plants, could turn out useless if the soil doesn't require macro-elements in this ratio. In other words, you may be applying elements that the bamboo doesn't require or not enough elements the plant does require.

7. Assistance in Crop Sales and Access to our Network of International Distributors

Finally, we can connect Guadua bamboo growers with national and international distributors. Buyers offer a price per pole, lineal meter, or ton, and specify if they need the fresh culms for further processing, or require dried and cured bamboo poles, splits, mats, etc. We then connect these potential buyers with bamboo growers who applied and where approved by Guadua Bamboo.

For more information on any of our bamboo plantation services please contact us today.