Working with Bamboo: DIY Techniques

This section is dedicated to working with bamboo and DIY construction techniques. All previous posts, questions and answers, articles, pictures and videos about working with bamboo are listed here for your convenience. If you have a story to share or a question that isn't covered yet, please post it here.

Joining Bamboo, Basic Principles

It is important to know a few basic principles before joining bamboo. Do not use green, fresh cut bamboo. Bamboo has to be completely dry before using it in construction (preferable air dried).

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How to Make Crushed Bamboo Boards?

To make crushed bamboo boards or "esterilla", the round bamboo poles need to be flattened. It is crucial to use fresh cut, green bamboo poles of about 4-6 years old. 

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How to Split Bamboo?

Knowing how to split bamboo, is another basic technique when working with bamboo. Split bamboo is often used in bamboo fences, wall decoration, furniture, etc. 

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Making Bamboo Cables

Bamboo cables are made by first splitting bamboo canes over their entire length into thin strips. Once the strips are obtained, the soft inner layer needs to be removed from the silica-rich outer layer. 

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How to Bend Bamboo?

Bamboo poles aren't always straight, and bends may cause technical difficulties. In case of freshly cut, green bamboo you could dry the bamboo in a mold to adjust the shape, or by applying heat.

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How to Make a Bamboo Didgeridoo?

Although it is widely assumed that the original Australian aboriginal didgeridoos where made from termite hollowed eucalyptus wood, traditionally the first didgeridoos were in fact made from bamboo.

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How to Make a Bamboo Bed

In this DIY tutorial I'll show you how to make a bamboo bed with very basic hand tools and without the use of any metal nails or screws. Start cutting two bamboo canes of 220 cm length...

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