Growing Bamboo: Propagation and Cultivation Techniques

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Facts about Bamboo Seeds

Where can I buy bamboo seeds? Enthusiasts who are just starting to learn about bamboo, are often not aware how rare and difficult it is to obtain bamboo seeds for large scale cultivation.

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Flowering Bamboo Always Dies... or Not?

Is it true that flowering bamboo always dies after seed setting? There exist over 1500 different bamboo species known to date which all have different flowering habits and flowering intervals. 

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Growing Bamboo from Seeds

Growing bamboo from seeds is the least attractive way to produce bamboo plants. The main reason is quite simple, most bamboo species only flower every 30-120 years.

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Growing Bamboo Cuttings

Growing bamboo cuttings is a very popular bamboo propagation methods because it's fast, simple, economical, doesn't require a lot of space, and extracting doesn't damage the mother clump.

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Bamboo Rhizome Propagation

Bamboo rhizome propagation is a traditional vegetative propagation method, and perhaps the most commonly used propagation technique for running type bamboos.

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Optimal Climate to Grow Guadua Bamboo

Optimal climate conditions for commercial Guadua bamboo farms together with soil properties will determine to a large extent whether the development of the bamboo plantation will be successful or not.

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Optimal Soil to Grow Guadua Bamboo

Optimal soils are an important factor for the success or failure of a bamboo plantation. Good soil may generate Guadua stems taller than 30m high, or in the contrary stems of maximum 6 or 7m high.

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How to Plant Bamboo?

Knowing how to plant bamboo correctly, will help you establish a healthier crop and improved productivity. The spacing between bamboo plants will depend on the species to be planted.

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