How Farmers Use Bamboo

How Farmers Use Bamboo

Throughout history, farmers have used bamboo for a multitude of purposes. From rural housing to water pipes, fences and trellis, props, cooking utensils, baskets and buckets, animal sheds and pens, greenhouses, fertilizer, and the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, many of todays farmers are not familiar with these ancient practices anymore, even though bamboo could still be used as an affordable and reliable alternative in agriculture.

Of course, it must be noted that bamboo is not abundant in every part of the world, especially Europe and North America lack the availability of native and useful bamboos. Western tools and technologies have often replaced traditional practices in tropical countries throughout Asia and Latin America, which contributes to the reduced usage and knowledge of bamboo among local farming communities.

It is therefore important to promote and revive the use of bamboo in agriculture, and to teach people how to grow, care and use bamboo for their own benefit. This page is intended to inspire and to present some practical examples of how bamboo can be used on a farm.

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