Guadua angustifolia Plants for Sale

Guadua Bamboo offers unique Guadua angustifolia and G. aculeata plants for sale in Costa Rica (export possible).  As you may have read on our website; Guadua flowers only ONCE in a lifetime (60-120 years) and usually dies shortly after.

Because of this very unpredictable seed setting, it is almost impossible to grow bamboo from seeds. Buying Guadua angustifolia seedlings from our nursery is the best and most reliable option if you are interested to start a sustainable tropical garden, bamboo farm or commercial bamboo plantation.

We were able to collect large quantities of Guadua aculeata seeds during the period 2009-2011 which are now growing in our bamboo nursery in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica. The advantages of buying bamboo plants grown from seeds is that your bamboo seedlings will have a guaranteed life span of another 60-120 years.

The seeds we collected were from the species Guadua angustifolia subsp. angustifolia (common name: Guadua aculeata). Guadua aculeata is extremely well suited for construction purposes or industrial processing (fiber board, or laminated bamboo products for example). G. aculeata is also the tallest and biggest species in the Guadua family. In Nicaragua, we have recorded Guadua aculeata up to 1 foot in diameter!

How does Guadua Bamboo Grow?

Guadua is an "open clumper", which means it will not take over your entire yard but Guadua clumps do take up quite some space over time. See this article for very detailed information and illustrations on how Guadua bamboo grows.

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Where does Guadua Bamboo Grow Best?

Guadua is a tropical bamboo native to Central and South America. Many people have contacted us to ask if Guadua can grow in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, etc. The answer in most cases is: No. Guadua does not tolerate frost although it is said that Guadua can survive temperatures up to -2°C for a short amount of time (which can occur at high elevations in Central or South America). Nevertheless, for optimal growth Guadua needs a tropical climate and good soil.

Optimal Conditions to Successfully Grow Guadua Bamboo

Variables Optimal Range
Annual Average Temperature (°C) 20 - 26
Annual Average Precipitation (mm / year) 2000 - 2500
Annual Average Sunshine (hours / light / year) 1800 - 2200
Relative Humidity (%) 75 - 85
Wind Speed weak - moderate
Soil Texture Sandy Loam - Loam - Loamy Sand
Ph 6.0 - 6.5

From all the above factors, annual rainfall (precipitation) is one of the most important variables together with the annual mean temperature and soil texture. Moreover, it is not so much the total amount of rainfall per year but the even distribution of those rains throughout the year that highly favor the growth of Guadua bamboo. Guadua angustifolia can grow under limited precipitation conditions if rainfall occurs well distributed during the year. Guadua is demanding in water, but under conditions of low rainfall they use it very efficiently.

Soil acidity (Ph) and fertility can be improved with fertilizers and amendments, soil texture however can't be changed! Therefore it is most important to test and analyze the soils where you want to grow bamboo (commercially). Heavy soils, clay soils and laterite red soils are definitely not in favor to plant Guadua bamboo.

If you need assistance with soil testing or a detailed climate analysis (for Costa Rica only) please check out our Bamboo Plantation Services.

The careful reader may have noticed that I left out the optimal altitude for growing Guadua bamboo from the above table. That's because height above sea level is directly related to temperature. It is the average temperature that plays the decisive role in the development of Guadua bamboo, and not, while being important, the height above sea level.

How to Plant Bamboo?

Once you have researched and analyzed the perfect location to grow bamboo, it is time for the next step: How to Plant Bamboo?

Guadua angustifolia plant
  1. The first step is to clear (preferable plow) the area where you wish to plant bamboo. All weeds should be removed because they compete for the same light, water, nutrients and space. The area around the bamboo plant should be kept clean at all times.
  2. The next step is to determine the bamboo planting layout or spacing. Theoretically, optimal spacing would be 10x10 meters (100 plants per hectare), the further apart the larger stems your Guadua clump can produce over time. For commercial bamboo farms or plantation however, where economical aspect play a crucial role, such low density is not attractive. Therefore we recommend to plant bamboo at minimum 5x5 meters (400 plants per hectare) and preferably 6x7 meters (238 plants per hectare). Keep in mind, whatever spacing you chose 10x10 or 5x5, eventually bamboo culms (stems) will populate the entire area, it is just their size and time frame in which they do that, which is important for most investors and bamboo growers. If you are planting bamboo to control soil erosion, spacing of 3x3 meters is recommended.
  3. Make sure to keep cattle away from the newly planted Guadua's because they love bamboo as much as we do!

To order Guadua angustifolia plants or visit our nursery in Costa Rica, please contact us.

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